Thursday, August 2, 2012

Really Random, 8/2/12

To those of you who linked up last week, thank you VERY much!

July was a good month and I kept up every day with my photo a day.
I forgot to add this a couple of weeks ago--the water tower in the town where we had the quilting retreat. I think every town should have a smiley face water tower.
And everyone should have this sign on a wall somewhere close.

It IS going to be hot for the next couple of days. How did our State Farm agent know that?
My parents just finished a month-long celebration of their 64th wedding anniversary. 64 years! I'm so proud of them.

The tree in our backyard continues to grooooow.

I often find random pictures on both my iPhone and iPad, usually after someone has been playing Toca Boca hair salon, an app I highly recommend.
I love pictures like this, Levi playing with his great grandfather.
Last week, I noticed that the pianist for our church worship team had all his music loaded on his iPad. Having at one time been a pianist for the church choir, and sometimes had music spread out all across the music holder, this bit of technology looks like a winner.
I can't tell you how many times I have watched this video. Let's just say it is a LOT! Even you Pepsi lovers should enjoy it.

Charlotte wore this dress to church the other day. It originally belonged to her mommy. I just love everything about it--the puffy sleeves, the smocking, the color. It looks adorable on her.

A very good philosophy (you can get these labels here).
And because I try to adhere to that philosophy, I try to make sure the toys that our grandchildren play with here are color-coordinated with their outfit...
What kind of randomness did you encounter in the last week? Do tell!


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Katy Cameron said... #

Colour co-ordinating toys with clothes, and admirable philosophy to live by... ;o)

Another fabulous collection of random, looking forward to next week!

Susan said... #

I love these randoms 'peaks' into your 'other' life! That pink dress AND the little girl - so sweet!

Teje Karjalainen said... #

Wow, that was a great video! Thanks for sharing! Wonderful post and lovely photos of your children! x Teje

Donna said... #

Wow what a video! Fun, fun, fun. Hope to be here later tonight, but it's off to work for now. Feeling thirsty...

Lucy | Charm About You said... #

I love all your photos and huge congratulations to your parents! That's wonderful!
The video was brilliant and I watched it while I ate my lunch drinking a Coca Cola :)

Grandma G said... #

Wow! I love it all! Can't even begin to pick a favorite. But Happy Anniversary to your parents!

Rene' said... #

How did I miss that water tower?!!! Congratulations to your parents for their wedding anniversary. I love your granddaughter's dress and the fact that it was her mom's. Such a pretty girl!

Unknown said... #

These photos are all great! Congratz to the 64th wedding anni!

Mama Pea said... #

Love this post, Cindy! E and I loved the Coke video! I linked up today.

Needled Mom said... #

Great randomness. I think every town should just have a water tower. I love seeing them on our travels and you always know where you are!!!!!

Congratulations to your folks! The little ones are so darling too.

Great Coke video. I wonder what that would look like in my house. Hmm.

Carla said... #

I love that video!! The little guy with his toy is pretty darn cute too : )

Terriaw said... #

Great random post! Congrats to your parents for their anniversary. I have been keeping busy this week with freelance projects, so I haven't ventured out too much to encounter much randomness. Always fun to see yours!

Deborah said... #

I love all your randoms but the grandkids always steal my heart.

Archie The Wonder Dog said... #

I love the Heath Robinson coke contraption!! Another wonderful random post!

Mrs Flying Blind... said... #

My week was too horrible to link, but I got my MacBook back this evening, so all is right in the world again xxx

Carla said... #

You are the Queen of Randomness!! I especially love the Coke video...being an addict myself!

Teresa in Music City said... #

Does "randomly" choosing fabrics for a quilt count? LOL!!! It's the best I could do. Not a lot of random around here. I need to work on that I suppose :*)