Monday, August 27, 2012

The Name Game: The Girl Who Quilts

Today I'm so happy to have Nikki here, from The Girl Who Quilts. I have been a fan of Nikki's for quite a while. When I first started following her, she was living in Seattle. Now she lives all the way across the country, in upstate New York. When I sent her the questions for The Name Game, I told her to choose 8 to 10 pictures. Then she apologized because she had sent me 11. No problem, I said, the more pictures the better. So while I was grabbing her blog header, I chose a few more pictures to add to this post. Hope that's okay, Nikki, but that's just big a fan I am! So you have been warned--this is a picture-heavy post. And you will not be sorry!

How did you choose the name for your blog? 
When I first started my blog I wanted to name my blog QuiltyGirl, which is my email address. Unfortunately the name was already taken! I started to brainstorm other ideas that would go well with QuiltyGirl, which led me to "The Girl Who Quilts". I started quilting right after college, when I was just 22. That used to be considered quite young in the quilting world, so using the term "girl" seemed to fit!
Were there other names you considered, and can you share any of them with us?
I honestly don't remember if I came up with any other options! I've always struggled with coming up with creative names, so when I thought of "The Girl Who Quilts" I ran with it.
Isn't the orange zipper the absolute best detail?!
Now that you are recognized by The Girl Who Quilts, are you happy with it, or do you wish you could change it to something else?
Now that I've been blogging for awhile (and, ahem, getting older!), I do sometimes wish I had chosen a different name. I've also been thinking more about selling my quilts, and I think a sleeker name might work better.
 Here is that dreamy orange color again...
 I may decide to just change the name of my etsy shop, rather than a complete overhaul. But first I have to think up something new that I like!
Be sure to head over to Nikki's blog to say hi. Plan on spending LOTS of time looking around. I could have kept adding pictures here but you really need to go check her out for yourself.

Thanks, Nikki, for playing The Name Game this week!


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beaquilter said... #

is that zelda?? cute quilts!

Mrs Flying Blind... said... #

Wow, what a bunch of awesome makes!

Cindy Sharp said... #

I like including "girl". It make me feel lighter, happier, when my little boy used to call me "Mommy girl". It makes you a super hero!

Unknown said... #

Thanks for having me over! :)

Selfsewn said... #

Great post Quilty Girl, isnt it annoying when your chosen blog name is taken, usually unused as well!
I love your granny square cushion, such great colours xx

Katy Cameron said... #

Love all these quilts, especially that last ombre one :o)

Carla said... #

Lovely post ; ). I follow her blog too!

Archie The Wonder Dog said... #

She's so talented!!!

felicity said... #

Love Nikki, love her style, love her projects, love her humour. Annoyed that she moved away from the PNW. :)

OPQuilt said... #

Hey! I'm still waiting for my questions!

I know, you were just waiting until I started commenting on your blog again, and got past the torturous first 1/4th of my semester. Okay, I'm ready to play. . .

. . when you're ready.

Your pal, Elizabeth E.