Thursday, November 1, 2018

June Highlights

 About two hours after we arrived home from our two-week road trip, we celebrated Amelia's birthday--a Wonder Woman party with a water slide.
Even though he went down the water slide with Jill, Gabe was not a huge fan...
Charlotte and Levi read scripture in church.
This sign in Reedley made me laugh.

My parents were honored as two of the remaining four original graduating class from Immanuel High School.
Charlotte was honored at the sixth grade awards assembly. How could she be finishing sixth grade already??

Gabe wanted in a picture as well.
The two Manchester Gaters.
June 8 was our official 45th anniversary.  I hadn't looked at my wedding dress in years. It wasn't even stored in an acid-free box so I wasn't expecting it to look very good. However, it wasn't bad. My grandmother made this dress 70 years ago for my mother, and I wore it as well.
I couldn't resist having Charlotte try on my veil.

Mark continued to work at Thrift on Blackstone, getting ready for the grand opening. We have had a gurney on the side of our house for years. Wait. Isn't this a common thing to have on the side of your house?? Anyway, he had the idea of covering the top with reclaimed wood and heavy-duty clear vinyl, and using it for a serving cart.

An excellent idea!
The grand opening of Thrift on Blackstone was on June 10 and was quite an event.

Lots of good food.

I gave the kids $5 each to spend, with explicit instructions that they could not buy back anything that had been donated by us or their parents!
We went to Lakeview Cottages to celebrate Cheri's retirement and Father's Day.

 Ed and Melinda always host the very best Happy Hour.

 And make us feel very welcome each year.
Charlotte and I went to Starbucks--it has become tradition to put the order in her name, just to see the interesting ways people spell "Charlotte." This barista obviously knows someone named Charlotte, because it was spelled correctly.

Ella and Gabe had swimming lessons at Hoover.
We went to Fantasy Donuts one morning. Where was Levi? (I can't remember...)

I finished up the month of June at a sewing retreat in Cayucos with friends Barb, Cathy and Janet.
 I sewed with the Ghastlies--such fun.

We ate lots of yummy food and saw beautiful flowers.
The ocean was just a couple of blocks away.

Every morning, Cathy and I walked into town for coffee. It was the best way to start the day, and end the month.
We missed Bonnie this year so hopefully she will be with us next June.'


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Jocelyn said... #

I loved your pictures. The one about the mint thins was hilarious! AND we also celebrated a 45 year anniversary in July :-)

Mary on Lake Pulaski said... #

Your Mother’s and your wedding dress was fabulous! I just received my Mother’s wedding dress - remind me to show you the next time you are here (can’t wait).

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

How I have missed all these posts? 45 years is amazing. Late late congrats! You must have been a wee teenager when you married. Your wedding dress is so special too. Last year I was going to get out my dress and my Mom's for Emily to try on before her wedding but we never got around to it. I'm afraid to see what condition mine might be in.

Farm Quilter said... #

Lovely look back at summer in the middle of a dreary winter day. Hope you are feeling all right!!