Thursday, November 1, 2018

May 28, The Grand Loop

On our final day in Yellowstone, we decided to take the Grand Loop. We had come in through the West entrance.
Our first stop was Kepler Cascades.
I can't seem to find the name of this geyser basin, but this was about the only other wildlife we saw besides bison.

Along the way, we waited while bison crossed the road.

Our next stop was the Upper and Lower Yellowstone Falls.

 Mark has never been to the Grand Canyon, and it's been years since I have been there, so this was truly spectacular.

We stopped for lunch in Canyon Village, where Mark was able to touch some snow.
We stopped briefly at Norris Geyser Basin, but the rain was starting so we didn't spend much time there--we are ready to go back and do some more exploring.

The next morning it was time to head back to Pete and Jane's.


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