Tuesday, March 12, 2024

London 2024: Some final thoughts

 A few extra photos that didn't really fit into sightseeing. And also of note, Aaron took a lot of the photos in these posts. 

Our hotel, the Luna Simone, was in the Victoria area of London and was a good central location for us. I loved our street--blocks of one hotel after another, all connected to each other. Our room is the one with the flag--we had a small balcony.

The breakfast room in the hotel had a lot of artwork. We were served by the same three men each time we ate there, a set of twins and another man. There was this quirky piece of art work on the wall, with photos of the twins pasted on the glass.

Our room was not large, but still very nice...and the balcony.

The London underground was a complicated maze (to me). Aaron navigated it like a pro. Also, it was helpful when he realized that the Number 24 bus stopped literally right in front of our hotel so we took that quite a few times.

I never tired of the iconic red phone booths.

And these instructions were on the roads all over London, which was a good thing as people did not wait for the light to turn green to start crossing the street.

We picked up French pastries and coffee from the Chestnut Bakery on Tuesday, on our way to the Victoria Coach Station for our excursion to the Cotswolds. 

I'm not much of a souvenir purchaser. I knew ahead of time that I would get a t-shirt (from the Tottenham match) for Mark and some kind of London t-shirt for me. A few postcards and some stickers, that small amount of fabric from Liberty of London, a Christmas ornament and a couple of small chocolate bars from the Cotswolds.
We each spent 20 pounds on scratchers one night. Aaron recouped 15 pounds and I only got 5 pounds back, but it was fun.

When we booked our flights, there were enough air miles to fly business class from Heathrow to Dallas, a 10+ hour flight. Wow. I don't want to fly any other way now. :) Fully reclining seats, so.much.food.

It made getting into economy seats for the flight from Dallas to Fresno really hard--we were so tired anyway. 

Mugs from airportag.com that have our actual flight information--such a fun reminder of this trip.

I don't think I can adequately say how much this trip meant to me. It's a place I have always wanted to visit, and the chance to share it with Aaron was amazing. I will always cherish the time we could spend together, seeing these sites I've only dreamed about. 


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Kathy said... #

What a wonderful trip you had! I enjoyed your posts and pictures as they brought back memories of our trips to London. We stayed at the Luna Simone as well (recommended by our son) and visited many of the same places.

Susan said... #

So much of this makes me realise how similar England is to Australia...driving on the left, scratchies, red phone booths. The tube system is wonderful and not far different to the Beijing subway with its 24 different lines! (I loved the challenge of traversing it on multiple occasions, made all the more difficult due to the language challenges, on my recent visit there.) Lucky you for travelling in business class. Do you know it takes us Aussies about 24 hours to get to London? That's why we have extended holidays there!

infoladyone said... #

Good morning Cindy, and congrats on being on The Quilt Show! I actually have a question about your Temperature Quilt (gorgeous quilts) post from Friday, May 29, 2015:
What size are your rectangles?

Many thanks!

Mary S.
Lincoln, Nebraska