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London, February 21

 Wednesday was another jam-packed day. We began our day at the Tower of London. 

My very favorite informational part of the week was listening to this Beefeater, who actually lives at the Tower of London. Thinking he must be unmarried, I was surprised to find out that he has two teenage daughters, who must be inside the gates by 10 p.m. when everything is closed up. 

A guard. 
Not a guard.

While we could photograph many things, we were not allowed to photograph the Crown Jewels, which were absolutely spectacular. 

This place has a bloody history. Evidence: Bloody Tower.  We saw lots of weapons as we made our way through the buildings.
They also keep six to seven ravens on the grounds. Legend has it  that if the Tower of London ravens are lost or fly away, the Crown will fall and Britain with it.

From there we headed to the Tower Bridge.

Of course we walked across the bridge. 

Beautiful views of the buildings from the bridge.

After the Tower Bridge, we made our way to Westminster Abbey. Absolutely magnificent!

I learned a new word: quire, the area by the altar where choirs sing. 

Interestingly, Stephen Hawking, an atheist, is buried in Westminster Abbey.

From there we headed to Burough Market, where I had my first mulled wine.

It was late afternoon, and the evening was open, so we decided it would be a good night to see a show. My first choice would have been Six, about Henry VIII, but of course it was sold out. 

First we had dinner at Punjab, again in Covent Garden. SO good.

We were able to get tickets to Back to the Future: the Musical, which was a fun show.


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Rochelle aka Bella Quilts said... #

Such beautiful photos of all the places you saw. Your days were certainly busy. I didn't know they had made a musical of Back to the Future! Westminster Abbey is truly a wonder. I could hear the tune "London Bridge is Falling Down" while looking at the photos.

French 75 said... #

Your photos truly capture the grandeur of London. Westminster Abbey is truly magnificent. It's hard to imagine how it was built with all the cravings and sky-scraping ceilings. Haha quire where the choir sings. Love that.