Wednesday, March 6, 2024

London, February 18

 On Sunday morning, we headed to the Science Museum to meet up with Tim Cook and his family--wife Sian and three lively kids. When Christa was in college, she spent a semester in Cheltenham and became close friends with Tim, who attended Aaron and Christa's wedding. When Tim and Sian got married, Aaron and Christa were at their wedding as well. 

Sian and the kids spent time in the hands-on kids' section, while Tim, Aaron and I walked around different parts of the museum. I particularly enjoyed the clock/watch exhibit.

We had lunch together.

After lunch, we walked to Kensington Park. 

The kids loved Aaron. 
Tim had actually stayed overnight at our house when he was here for Aaron and Christa's wedding, and it was so much fun meeting Sian and the kids, and catching up with Tim.

After they left to go back home, Aaron and I walked to Kensington Palace for a tour.

I never got tired of looking at the royal jewels.
Or the ornate ceilings.

London is transitioning from the E for Queen Elizabeth to C for Charles.

Then we walked back to the Victoria and Albert Museum, something that had been on my Top 10 list of things I wanted to see. 

It's massive and we didn't see the entire thing, but we saw the Cast Courts, the Jewellery Room and the Chihuly chandelier.

Then it was time for dinner, and we chose a local pub.

Aaron had made reservations at Sky Garden, which is the top floor of a building called the Walkie Talkie. We passed Harrod's on the way, just as it was closing for the day. 

It offered stunning views of the city and was a great way to end another day.