Friday, September 25, 2009


Mark and I are leaving this morning to be vendors at Quilting in the Garden. We had a lot of last-minute things to do: final jewelry assembly, pricing, packing, loading the trailer. So what was I doing yesterday afternoon? New product development. Seriously?? What was I thinking??

I have long been obsessed with fabric selvage edges. That has already been established, I think. Since we are going to be at a quilting show, wouldn't pincushions be a good idea? Wouldn't thinking about this a couple of months ago have been a better idea?

What have I learned from this?

1. It's kind of a messy process, but really fun.

2. I have a "piping" foot for my Elna...and I now know how to use it. This is my first prototype. No close-ups allowed, because you don't want to see the mistakes I made when learning how to use my piping foot.

3. I used crushed walnut shells to stuff the pincushions. Eco friendly, nice and weighty. But I need to find a bulk outlet. I only had four cups and then had to slit my prototype open and steal from it to stuff the other two.

4. Procrastination--not such a great idea. Two pincushions ready for sale. Two....for a two-day show. Planning ahead would have been a really good idea. Can you say "special order and free shipping"?


  1. While maybe last minute, SOOO cute. Love them!

    I can picture them larger as a cute throw pillow.

    (Does that totally decimate your original idea?)

  2. Those are so CUTE!!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who procrastinates! :-)

  3. Oooh I agree with K! Throw pillow! I COuld have ,looked at those pin cuhions all day long!

  4. what a great last minute idea...we do a lot of shows so I can appreciate how full your day must have been. best wishes for your show.

  5. Hey, I'm interested in this quilting -garden idea. I will check the site out. We are getting ready to announce our plans for our "giving" garden. Stay tuned to my blog! And recently I was on a blog where the lady made "selvage" purses. It might have been a link to your site. Love, Janice

  6. Awesome idea! You're so crafty!

  7. Last minute..... well, they ARE edges and if you had done them way ahead of the show, you wouldn't be living on the edge. Way cute!


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