Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Midweek Miscellany

Just some random things on this middle-of-the-week Wednesday in this middle-of the-month November. (Yikes, that means the holidays are getting closer and closer!)

If you are looking for a great advent calendar

or if you already own one but would like a Christian-based advent "kit" of things to add to the pockets

check out this post and then rush over to Fairytale Pumpkin. But don't wait too long--they are flying off the shelf. Including one that is coming to live at my house.

I finally got these Block Swap 2 blocks in the mail today. Brittany had us make blocks for a Halloween quilt. Fortunately she wasn't planning on having it ready to go for this year. At least I don't think she was! Ooops...

Brittany sent the fabric pieces for the left block and requested disappearing 9-patch. But because I have this funny witch's underwear fabric, I couldn't resist making an extra block.

Near the border it says" witches undies scarey screamy, have a happy halloweenie."

And I added a lovely chalkboard to my sewing room. I took an old way-too-ornate gold frame and sprayed it with this.

You see where it says "all-surface paint"? I thought it would cover the black velvety inner border of the frame a little bit better, but it just ended up being kind of a charcoal grey. No problem, since the walls in my awesome new sewing room are grey. It's all good.

Slapped some Valspar chalkboard paint on a piece of masonite, and ended up with this.

Oh, and those names on the board? Just a reminder to get their pincushions in the mail. Have a happy Wednesday.


  1. Your frame refashion is awesome! Way to go!!

  2. First off, I love that advent calendar! Did you make that one? So cute!
    Second, that frame is awesome! I love the effect the paint created with the black! It looks so neat!
    Third, I saw my name on the chalk board and I thought I was in trouble! ;) And you are so super sweet to make me a pin cushion!

  3. Cute! Cute! And hey, I see my name on your new chalkboard... yay!

    Jennifer :)

  4. Cool chalkboard! I love how that ornate frame looks with a chalkboard inside it. Cool blocks too! I love Advent calendars. My mom gave us a cool one a couple years ago, where we take turns filling each day with fun little treasures, or just chocolates and money, if we get lazy!

  5. Great Advent calendar. She is already sold out on the verses, etc. Too bad as it was an awesome idea.

    The chalkboard looks fabulous! I like the gray look in it.

    That Halloween fabric is tooooooo cute!!!

  6. Thanks, Cindy, for the shout out! And thanks to all your readers for the feedback. I am working on getting more kits in the store by the end of the week. Also, I have now made available the pdf of the kit so you can create your own!

  7. i LOVE the Chalk board frame... i would love one at my house... and very cute advent! xx

  8. love that chalkboard. serious cuteness!

  9. What a cool advent calendar!
    It's so neat how you can totally transform something with a coat of paint..


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