Friday, November 12, 2010


Got all that?

CELEBRATION: Hooray! This is my 300th blog post. I was feeling pretty good about that until my good friend celebrated her 1000th (!). She has some really beautiful pictures so you should check out her blog. Plus she is the mother of Jessica Jones of How About Orange, and if you are one of the few people who don't read Jess's blog, you should check hers out as well. She has lots of great stuff, especially this time of year--free stuff, tutorials, great ideas.

But hey, enough about them. Back to me.

So. My 300th post. I can hardly believe I have found 300 things to write about. (It's my celebration so let's not discuss the quality, just the quantity...)

DESTASH: I added a new category to Sewing on the Edge. In all my cleaning/organizing/new flooring/painting, etc., of my sewing room, I am destashing some amazing fabric. All from great designers at Moda. 3 Sisters, April Cornell, Minick and Simpson, Fig Tree Quilts. There are some charm packs, jelly rolls, fat quarters and some 2-yard cuts (the yardage is all prewashed because, well, because that was my philosophy at the time. Now? Not so much...)

As I was eloquently writing the description for two charm packs for Sanctuary by 3 Sisters, a fabric line that came out in 2006, I realized I didn't have a picture to post to etsy. What to do, what to do?

GIVEAWAY: Bet you didn't see that coming! Since I'm too lazy to get my camera out it's night and the lighting is not ideal to take a picture, how about if I give one of those charm packs away? It's really beautiful fabric. Trust me (since I don't have a picture of it).

Just leave a comment and let me know if you have already started to do a lot of holiday sewing, and the random number generator will choose a winner at noon DST on Monday. You'll make me feel really bad if you say "yes, yes, yes, I've been sewing up a storm," but fortunately for you, it's the RNG who picks the winner. So do tell!


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Anita in Florida said... #

I don't do much holiday sewing...but I HAVE been sewing alot! Great giveaway, thanks for having it.

Melissa Corry said... #

I have started but I am not near as far as I should be :)

Lindsey F. said... #

I am making all of my holiday gifts so there is a lot of sewing and knitting going on in my life. Wishing I didn't have to go to work everyday so I could just sew, sew, sew all day.

Jodi said... #

You won't find me making you feel bad! I have not made one thing! Planning to make a flannel quilt for my son but the fabric is still in the bag! Oodles of reasons why, but I won't take up your time with THAT! Thanks for the chance!

J-me said... #

i have started buying fabric for x-mas shopping. Went to Joanns yesterday and got 12 yards of fabric that averaged out to cost me $1.80 a yard!!! bargin shopper!!

Im excited to start cutting into it!

Nancy said... #

All my holiday sewing is going on in my head. I only have two quilts to make as gifts but just can't find the time to get started! Yikes. Can we re-schedule Christmas for sometime in February?

Anne at Film and Thread said... #

300 posts! Congratulations! That's a lot of writing and picture taking. I haven't started my Christmas sewing yet. I think I will make a laptop bag for my daughter and some art totes for some friends, but that's it for this year. (ps I'm not entering the giveaway, but wanted to say congrats.)

pinsandneedles said... #

Not planning on doing too much holiday sewing but those mug rugs are all the rave. Made my first yesterday and it was so fun!

Beckers said... #

Congrats on making it to 300! I have not started my holiday sewing; however I have started my holiday gift sewing. Gotta get busy with only 42 days until Christmas!

Jenn said... #

~*~Congratulations on your 300th post!!~*~

I have only made a couple of things and have scratched way more than that off the to-do list realizing I'll never get it all done. Talk about good intentions... :)

Jocelyn said... #

I usually have lots of ideas in my head about holiday sewing, but alas the time gets away from me so quickly. I am trying to make some table runners as we have moved into a new(er) house and I'd like to gift them to our new neighbors :-)

Becks said... #

While I always have many ideas for Christmas gifts, the time usually gets away from me. This year, I just hope to finish the doll quilt & pillow sets for my many nieces. Thanks for the chance at some *mystery* fabric! :o)

Chris said... #

This year I decided to make quilts for 11 members of my family. I have two left, hope to finish this weekend!
Congrats on 300 posts :)

Jill said... #

O gosh, I'm way, way behind on my holiday sewing. I have only 1 thing done and 1 other started. I guess my list was a bit ambitious.

Grandma G said... #

1. Congrats on 300!!
2. Thanks for the plug. :)
3. Congrats on destashing... and your sales already from that!
4. I actually have started some holiday sewing! A project for the aforementioned "Agent Orange" to gift, and a project for myself as a gift for my little blog subject.
5. DST??? Maybe PST? ;)
6. I'll pass on the charm pack. I already have 3 sisters, and we won't go into that here. ;)

(P.S. You STILL haven't told me how you like that new camera!) ;)

Brenda said... #

I've made six aprons and one table runner, all destined as gifts for my family, whether they cook or not. Thanks for the chance to win!

Needled Mom said... #

Congratulations on hitting 300!!

I have started some of my Christmas sewing, but still have a lot more to do.

Kathryn said... #

Christmas sewing? No, not on my list of to-dos this year. I did enough of other sewing. kathie L in allentown

QuilterLaura said... #

Well, I haven't actually started the SEWING yet, but I have started the process. I have chosen 2 pfojects and fabrics and supplies for them are all packed up. I leave on retreat Monday. Hopefully I will get some gifts done!

lindaroo said... #

I'm writing up a storm of lists of projects to do! Meanwhile, I am stuck on a batch of blocks I'm trying to make into a cohesive design, and I'm just getting more entangled. Rescue me with new inspiration!

quilterb said... #

Bought fabric last year, but never got it done. Pulled it out again last week. Know the pattern I want. Haven't started cutting yet. Hope to get to it soon.

WvHmmngbrd said... #

Congrats on the milestone! I can't get in the mood for Christmas until after Thanksgiving!!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

elle said... #

I've been decluttering and sew not any holiday sewing.

beth said... #

Just working on ONE christmas quilt.

Anita said... #

I have not started my holiday sewing but I'm hoping to get started next week.

DianeY said... #

Not to make you feel bad, but I'm about 80% done with my sewing for Christmas & I've made a lot! But I have house guests for 10 days starting next week & I always have mailing deadlines to contend with, so I knew I needed to start early!

Andrea said... #

Congratulations on hitting 300 posts! As for quality - really, I look forward to seeing that you have a new post, whether that's quality or not, who cares, I like reading your posts! :D

I have lots of holiday sewing to do, but it will probably be procrastination for sure. I hope I can get something done.

Sara said... #

Congrats!! I have already finished one wall quilt for my MIL and sent it off yesterday:) I made my dad one last month and that was his Christmas present (a flag). HMM...what else to make?!

Rebecca said... #

I really have no clue what or if any Christmas sewing I'll be doing this year ~ and probably won't think about it until Dec 1st. Can't believe that's just around the corner!

Michele T said... #

I started my holiday sewing in the summer and so I am way ahead of the game so to speak. I am waiting for a great idea for gifts to make for my teenaged nieces and nephew... it will come, I know....
Thanks for an awesome giveaway!!

Mary Grace McNamara said... #

The only Christmas sewing I've done so far is for the three Christmas swaps I am in. I do have ideas for a few other Christmas gifts to sew, but no time right now.

Any charm pack is a fabulous charm pack in my mind! I love charm packs!

Congrats on hitting 300!


Sherri said... #

Actually I started making Christmas potholders last night

Emillie Rose said... #

Would love these! I just finished up making a quilt, pillowcases and bedskirt for our bedroom. Crazy to make california king size bedding!!


Annette said... #

Not much, just one quilt. It will be for my MIL. With my 3 little ones, this might be the only holiday sewing I'm able to do...

deserae said... #

I haven't started yet, but I am planning on starting this weekend!

Anne said... #

I'm still in the planning stage with the quilt I'm going to make for my sister-in-law, who is a gardener. I've been collecting fabrics all summer, though! Lots of flowers, leaves, and birds.

lesthook said... #

Congrats! I am working on some purses,some made from old army clothes. A couple quilted before sewing. Lots left to do!

free indeed said... #

I usually have a mountain of holiday sewing I WANT to do, but in reality I only get a few items marked off. This year I HAVE begun my three wallhangings; I have a tree skirt and grandkid items on a back burner if I get to it...

Irina said... #

I haven't!!! I want to do some decorations...I hope I'll have the time!

A.S.K.-P. said... #

I won't make you feel really bad because I can't say I have started ANYTHING for the holidays. I've been tossing around some ideas but that's as far as I've gotten :I

Jen said... #

I've been sewing but nothing for Christmas or the holidays. Trying to catch up on old stuff, start new quilt alongs and other projects etc. etc. I'm kinda starting to feel that I'm taking on too much! oh well.... Thanks for the chance of the charm pack. i'm sure it's beautiful!

Jennifer said... #

300 posts! Congrats!

I'm trying to hard to wrap up my current sewing projects so I can actually move on to my holiday sewing... yikes!

Jennifer :)

Heather A said... #

Sadly, I'm STILL in the "PLANNING PHASE", where I spend way toooooo much time! New pretty fabric might go a long way to moving me into the more desirable "DOING PHASE!

Terriaw said... #

Congratulations on your 300th post! That is a big milestone worth celebrating! I have a few gifts finished, and a few more to go.

tpino said... #

I have been sewing up a storm...3 full size quilts in the works plus a couple of wallhangings....Thanks for the giveaway!

Regina said... #

I've made one Christmas present and to be honest it started out as something for myself but as I was doing it I realized it would be a great present for my SIL. I'm running out of time fast so I'm thinking others will get small purses or mug rugs.

Jane said... #

I'm thinking about starting...I see sleepless nights in my future! Jane

Karen said... #

I have already completed a wallhanging and have several more to make before my christmas sewing is done. Ughhhhhhhh

Amy said... #

I've started sewing a quilt to give away from Christmas. I'd like to finish a total of 4 quilts for Christmas. It's November 12. Probably not going to happen. LOL

Anonymous said... #

Have I started? No, but I have lots of ideas. In reality I probably will only end up with a couple of finishes. Can you guess what my New Year resolution might be? lol

Meri said... #

I'm currently fixating on the fact my sister's coming for Christmas and expects it to be an over-the-top Martha Stewart kinda thing...NO PRESSURE!!! I haven't been sewing hoo!
Congrats on your 300th post...hope there are many more to go!

meemsnyc said... #

I haven't started my holiday sewing yet. I think I want to sew some wine bags as gifts. Congrats on 300 posts!

Jezibels said... #

Sew far I've sewed a few stuffed fabric ornaments and a tree skirt quilt. I just cannot wait to put up the tree!

Mystica said... #

I love to sew my Christmas gifts (at least some of them). Unfortunately I am in Melbourne right now without a machine and will be till upto Christmas. So just drooling over everyone else's sewing.

ktquilts said... #

Congratulations!!! Yes, I have started sewing holiday gifts, but I am only sewing a few.


Jorie said... #

No, I haven't started yet :( I am planning to make stockings for my sister, her hubby, and the baby they are expecting! And a makeup bag and a few other goodies for my other sister!

Annie said... #

I have been sewing up a storm. I decided to make 2 of my nieces each an I-Spy quilt for Christmas. I have to make 22 scarves for my students. I am making a throw quilt and 2 pillows for my sister-in-law. I am making a quilt for my toddler for Christmas. My little sister begged me to make her a Sudoku quilt for Christmas. And on top of it all I stupidly agreed to make a friend of mine a queen sized quilt for her daughter for Christmas. I do this every year. I must be a glutton for punishment.

Nicki Lundeen said... #

I hate to admit that I haven't started my Christmas sewing. I must stay with tradition and wait until the last minute, stay up to all hours of the night, drink lots of caffeine and tell myself that next year I will get an early start. Yea, whatever!

Unknown said... #

Holiday sewing has begun. Hopefully by the end of next week, it will be flying in full force.

CarlaSue said... #

Well I`ve wanted a Christmas quilt for ages and never got around to it. So I decided this is the year, but my simple project morphed into a small Christmas motif embroidered into each alternate square (60 of them!) and although they`re only 4" squares and quick to stitch, short of not cooking ,cleaning or sleeping for the next 40 days, a 2010 completion is not looking too promising. Thinking of ditching it in favor of a few smaller projects I can actually use THIS year.

Julia said... #

Congrats on destashing. It is not an easy place to get to sometimes. I am sewing 2 quilts as Christmas gifts. I have one done. I am also sewing 5 Christmas table runners to be given before Christmas. I have some quilting left, then on to binding. Thank you for doing the giveaway. I'm just starting blogging so 300 is a lot of posts in my world!

Kelsey said... #

Just starting my Christmas gift sewing. I have to get the presents for my parents and sister done by next week though, since we're visiting them for Thanksgiving and the inlaws for xmas, so lots to get done sewing wise in just one week!

Anonymous said... #


Kasey said... #

Don't feel too badly... I've done a TON, but only if you count getting things to the halfway point!!! I've finished placemats for myself, but all three huge projects are only at the flimsy stage, if that! EEK! Thanks for the chance... I'm glad I found another awesome blog to follow.

Susan said... #

I have not sewn up a storm although I wish that I had! Wonderful fabric you are giving away! Thank you for the opportunity.

Sequana said... #

I have done zero holiday sewing. And that's all I intend to do. *S*

Marcia W. said... #

I just finished one small Christmas item from a panel. The rest of my recent sewing was on baby quilts for 2 grandnieces expected. Now, do I return to WIP before it becomes a UFO, or try to do some Christmas sewing? If win the charms, will do the later! Thanks for the giveaway.

Elizabeth Dackson said... #

80% of the gifts I'm giving this year are handmade, so I've got a lot of holiday sewing to do. I'm about 1/4 of the way through it all. Okay, maybe 1/3 of the way. Still lots to go!

Anonymous said... #

I have a long list in my head, and a pile of fabrics to use, but that's about all. That is, however, farther than I was last year!

eileensideways said... #

i've just started sewing mugrugs, coasters, fabric baskets and tablerunners; all quick & useful gifts. great giveaway.

maree said... #

Weeeeellll I have got the pattern out, the fabrics out, have a list of things I want to sew for peeps for Christmas......does that count as started?????Ciao

Anonymous said... #

No holiday sewing for me that for baking and cooking!

Nili said... #

no Holiday sewing here....not this year. We just moved and I will be lucky to have my craft/sewing space up and running by New Years.

Anna @FreshDewDrops said... #

Congrats on 300 posts! I have, I have started my holiday sewing, but don't have much to show for it yet. Must get a list together so I can keep track of what I have to do and what I have done. Just have to put binding on DD#4's quilt and that will be done. Then I have a lot of smaller gifts like makeup bags and such that should go a bit quicker. Oh yes, almost have a gift table runner done. See, I need a list. I'm off to do that now...

karen said... #

I'm Karen. I'm making some dish towels for holiday presents, but that's it so far.

karen said... #

I'm Karen. I'm making some dish towels for holiday presents, but that's it so far.

Unknown said... #

I've been gift crafting for a while now! I love giving gifts so it's my favorite time of the year!

verobirdie said... #

I've started my holiday sewing, but frankly, I should have started in August!

Jane said... #

I try and stitch gifts all through the year and squirrel them away for when they're needed. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't

barbara said... #

Oh! For the first time I have already started my holiday sewing, that's nice, once in a lifetime! LOL!

Gill said... #

I haven't started any Christmas sewing - but I've thought about it a lot!!! does that count?/

Victoria Paige @ Boutique Uniquely said... #

I've been sewing some things here and there. A couple mug rugs for gifts and picked out fabric for my table runner. Guess that doesn't really count as sewing. Hehe

Great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity :)

P's Qs said... #

I've just kicked it in gear. Finished the top on my mil's quilt and have several more behind it. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

Lynn said... #

not to much holiday sewing...lots of personal sewing..bad for Christmas..good for me

Janet said... #

I'm working on holiday gifts...would love to win a charm pack. thanks for the chance.

Staci said... #

I've been trying to bulk up my Etsy store inventory but I keep getting waylaid by other projects. I don't know if I'll handle being away from my sewing machine for a full week at Thanksgiving!

Nita said... #

No Holiday sewing from me - just starting out on this quilting malarky and working with a couple of quilt-alongs so this little gift would come in really handy - thanks

Joan J said... #

I did SO much holiday sewing last year and honestly, not one person understood the work that went into it all. I did lunch boxes, decorator pillows, lap quilts, placemats, kitchen towels, pot holders and more... All the gifts had to be mailed - and not one person thanked me. Seriously. This year I'm making things to decorate MY house. LOL *I* appreciate my hard work!

Junk It Folk said... #

Congrats on your 300th post! YAY! I'll take your word for it on the fabric! I have sewed ALL my Christmas gifts ... if only in my DREAMS!:-) Lots of late nights ahead! Thanks for the give away!

And this would be . . . . said... #

I have started sewing for Christmas but have to put it on hold until I am done a course on Nov 30th. But then the sewing machine will be working overtime!!!

Paula said... #

I haven't even begun to start my holiday sewing. I've thought about what I'd like to sew a lot, but so far have made zero progress.

The Luedtke Family said... #

So far,
1.I have crocheted myself a pair of Christmas Granny Square slippers - you know - to test the pattern.
2. Loved them so much, I made a pair for my own lil' miss for Christmas (with modifications),
3. and a pair for my lil' mister.
4. A crocheted hat for my niece is ready to wrap.
5. Two more hats to make for that lil' niece's siblings.
6. Thinking of making a superhero cape for Norah and one to mend for Simon.
7. Other projects on the line include a Christmas apron for me that has not sold on 2 rummage sales, so might as well keep for me!
8. Hems to sew on a jumper, hems to let out for too short pants, and hems to make after cutting the snaps of a few onesies. Can't have onesies when trying to pee on the potty!
9. Oh, a completed project in the mail for a special someone!
10. Ornaments to make for simple giveaways.
11. Your fabric would make great little projects like fabric postcards, doll clothes, coasters for gifts, placemats, etc. Not sure I'd venture YET into quilting!

Amelia said... #

Congratulations on your 300th post Cindy!! Holiday sewing ... I've started making a couple of cushion covers for one of my sisters and need to complete my mother-in-laws quilt. Time is running out ... I don't think I'll get more done than that.

Anna said... #

I got started last week. Thanks for a chance to win!

Anonymous said... #
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Anonymous said... #
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