Friday, April 29, 2011

Psssst....I'm on pins and needles!

I'm over here as a guest, talking a little bit about thread, needles and pins. I wasn't planning on doing another giveaway so soon after Sherbet Pips, but this one was actually in the works for quite awhile, and Pips was definitely a spur-of-the-moment giveaway.

Do you remember when I wrote about buying fabric strictly for one word on the selvage? Well, now you know the secret word: "chasing"!!I wanted to make Rebecca a customized pincushion plus another one for this great series she is conducting.

This is her pincushion. I know she loves lavender, paisley, and mentioned being a "girly girl".

But wait! That's not all (said in my best "as seen on TV voice"....). If you call before midnight tonight leave a comment by Monday noon, you'll have a chance to win this pincushion:

I hope you check out Rebecca's great series, Quilting 101. And don't forget to leave your comment. Happy sewing!


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Bec said... #

ahhh I remember when you wrote that you sometimes buy fabric because of the selvedge...and i thought... You CRAZY woman!.... Only to find out it was for ME!!!! aahhhh thank you thank you... xx I adore my pin cushion.. Its sits by me most of the day! haha xx

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said... #

I loved your post over at Chasing Cottons. The pincushion is so cute!

Anonymous said... #

The Quilting 101 over at Chasing Cottons has been full of lots of useful info. I bet Rebecca loves her new pincushion :)

Sara said... #

Love Rebecca!! OH an love you too!!!

Your pincushions are super!!

robin said... #

Love the pincushion! So cute! :)

Sasha said... #

Thank you for all of the helpful information on Chasing Cottons. I love the pincushions. They are adorable!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said... #

Thanks for all of the great info on thread and needls. I love the pin cushions!

Sewhappy said... #

I love your pin cushions, I also love the tutorial, it is a very good idea and will be available long afterwards for those who are starting out.

Andrea said... #

ahhh so cute! i love that you can tell how much love you put into each pincushion. :)

Amy Friend said... #

That's so perfect!

Quiltjane said... #

Thank you for the great post on Rebeccas Blog site. I would love to win a pin cushion. A girl can never have enough shoes or pin cushions (or sewing notions).

Leanne said... #

Hi Cindy,
Loved the tutorial! I am having fun in Quilt Class also.
Bec had her gorgeous pin cushion at Guild on Thus night. I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE it!!

stitchinpenny said... #

Chasing? I have a collection of selveges that I have yet to do anything with.

EG said... #

Super-cute pincusions!

Anonymous said... #

I love the pin cushion and think it is so wonderful how you create from the selvage.

Suzanne said... #

Your post was really helpful.

Joy M. said... #

Your pincushion is soo cute. Thanks for a chance to win one.

Mary Grace McNamara said... #

I DO remember that post and I thought how much time it would take to look through bolts of fabrics for one word on the selvage! But I guess it was worth the hunt! Darling pin cushion!


Marcia W. said... #

The pincushion for Chasing Cottons is very cute. I'm enjoying the Quilting 101 class - especially about sizes of needles and pins today. Thanks for the giveaway of this special prize.

momof3 said... #

Thanks for your info for the Quilting 101 class. As a fairly new quilter I value info that veterans have to share. I love your pin cushions, great talent.

Kirsten said... #

Such a cute pincushion - I am really enjoying Rebecca's classes !

Poppyprint said... #

You're so funny - love your sweet pinnies.

Alisa said... #

I buy fabric for so many reasons. Mostly I have no idea what I will be making with it. Buying fabric for a word on the selvage sounds perfectly fine to me. :) Love that cute pincushion.

Beth said... #

How fun, and generous! Thanks for the tutorial, and for being the kind of person who makes two pin cushions so as to share one with a stranger. :)

wordygirl at earthlink dot net

Lindsay said... #

How cute! I am really enjoying this class :) Thanks for your post.

felicity said... #

Great post, Cindy! Don't enter me in the giveaway though - I already have one of your beautiful creations.

Mrs Flying Blind... said... #

Oooh! What a lovely pincushion - selvedges are my Achilles heel!

Jane said... #

Just read your posr on Chasing Cottons. The pincushions are wonderful

Sunnybec said... #

I have already won a pincushion from you but I love it so much I am going to enter this giveaway too! A girl can never have too many pincushions!!!

Dianne Neale said... #

Thanks for the info on threads etc. Great help. ANd thanks for the giveaway

Karen said... #

Enjoyed the posting over at Chasing Cottons! Cute pincushion!!

Helen McNaught @ AuntyHennys said... #

Your post on Chasing Cottons is really "spot on"!! Great information in an easy to read format. Your selvedge pincushions are so adorable, such a cute idea!

I'll be reading out your post to my craft group next week.... I'm always telling them about changing needles but I don't think they believe me!!!

Gill said... #

I've come from chasing cottons!
I love your pincushion!

Lee said... #

I love the chasing cottons blog and yours! thanks for the post over at Bec's blog and for the cute giveaway!

Barbara said... #

Thanks for all the great info. I am an experienced quilter, but always open to learning.Amazingly I don't own a pincushion...

Patti said... #

So much thought and originality in your pincushions! They are to be treasured and used with love.
Patti Sha

Donna Baker said... #

oh my these are so stinkin' cute! It's about time I update my old school red apple pincushion! great guest spot on Chasing Cottons! thanks for the thread link!!

Linn said... #

Cute, cute pin cushion. The quilting 101 tute at quilting cottons is a wonderful idea. Can't wait to start!

Elsa said... #

very cute pin cushion! I am following quilting 101 and got sent here from there!
thanks for the giveaway and a chance to win!

Di said... #

Such a great piece on threads, pins and such over at Chasing Cottons., and I love the special pincushions! Not silly at all buying fabrics just for the selvedges :-))

And this would be . . . . said... #

Really liked your post on Chasing Cottons. THanks!! Also, very cute pincusions.

Anonymous said... #

Your post on needles and thread were so informative...always good to have a little nudge to rethink what I'm using. The pincushion is adorable! Liz

Anonymous said... #

Thanks for the great tips on "Chasing Cottons" today. No matter how much you might know, you can always learn more. I would love to win one of those adorable pincushions.

VickiT said... #

I just read your post at Chasing Cottons. Great post. I learned things that I didn't know before so thank you! In my post there I did leave a question on one part of the post that was a bit confusing to me however.

From the time I first saw things created with the selvedge I've wanted to make something similar. I stil don't have enough to do that yet however. Some day I guess. I LOVE the pincushions you make. Those are just adorable.

jo said... #

Thank you, thank you, for the guest post at Chashing Cottons. I could read blogs for weeks and not find that one sentence in the single entry that mentions a favorite thread or brand of great pins.

Andrea said... #

I'm so enjoying this online quilting class! I've loved fabric and color my whole life and am just now free to start spending more time on my fabric addiction. Great tutorial today by the way....and I'd so love to win one of your utterly lovely unique pin cushions!!! Red tomatoes are so blah ....although I do have a fairly nice Japanese one from my mother that I treasure.

Mutti said... #

OH, I love your creative pin cushion. I would put it to good use~! Like you, I pin a LOT. Thanks.

Kathy said... #

I would love to win the pin cushion...what a lovely idea.


Deanna said... #

I just discovered your blog. I think selvages are great. I'm a firm believer in recycling and using up everything. This reduces all waste and adds something special to things we make. I'm ready to start my own pincushions.

Jcmar10 said... #

Love the pin cushion! What a cool idea. I would love to win it.

Gail said... #

I read your blog post on Chasing Cottons. What a great post! Thank you so much for your insight :) Now I'll have to pay attention to the fabric borders LOL

Diana said... #

What a great post on pins and needles over at Chasing Cottons. And I love your selvage pincushions. Hope I'll have a chance to win one! Thanks!

gregandjacqui said... #

Loved your post over at Chasing Cottons and love those pin cushions. I'm definitely going to have to make some for myself.

Fran said... #

Thanks for a great tutorial full of useful information.

Rhonda the Rambler said... #

Your pin cushions are super cute! Great tutorial! I love the reference guide you shared. I will print and leave hanging in my studio. Thanks so much!! **fingers crossed**

Auntie Pami said... #

What a lovely idea. I always open the FQ's to be sure I get the words/dots. My jar is overflowing and I'm trying to decide what to do with them all. I love the pincushion, so I'll have to dig for some good words.

quilary said... #

Thanks for the interesting post at Chasing Cottons. I often struggle with cotton and needle sizes for some project I work on. I really quite like this pincushion, and even though I obsess over paisley, I could definitely live with one that says "sew sew"! Thanks for the chance.

cathie said... #

Thanks so mcuh for your information and advice regarding thread, needles and pins. I can never remember the numbering system for needles, and have to peer at the packets in the shop.
Love your pincushion and am crossing my fingers....

Allisen said... #

I took a break from sewing all my squares (Quilting 101 homework) to read your post. Fantastic information, I ordered some thread today, but had to get it shipped to my mom in Canada because they do not ship to Australia! Lucky I am going home in a month. Love your pin cushions! Do you have a tutorial to make them?

Karen said... #

Words are awesome and so is fabric!

Betty said... #

Great pincushions! Would love to win one! Thanks for the chance.

yorkie mom said... #

Great post on Quilting 101. Great info! Pin cushion is beautiful. (Allison)

Maggie said... #

Adorable pincushion!

deserae said... #

I love your pincushions!

Mama Spark said... #

Your pincushions are amazing. I think that Rebecca is one lucky woman!! Thanks for the info on thread, needles and pins.

Vicky said... #

What a cute pin cushion! thanks for the wondering tutorial on Chasing Cottons. I learned a bunch of new things about thread and needles! :)

~The Bargain Babe from *Zucchini Summer Blog* said... #

Would love to win!

Zucchinisummer @ gmail (dot) com

Sheila said... #

These are so cute! I love the way you've used the words on the selvedge to actually say something!

And thanks so much for all the great tips in your guest post. I never knew what the numbers on thread actually represented. Good to know!

The Hungry Crafter said... #

Just came over from Rebecca's blog -- wonderful guest post. Thanks for all the helpful tips!

Evelene S said... #

Thanks for the information on threads and needles. The pincushions are adorable.

TheAccidentalCrafter said... #

Thank you for the informative post over at Chasing Cottons. I must say your pin cushions are just so pretty. Lots of thought and love in each pin cushion.

Amelia said... #

Great post at Bec's blog Cindy!! It was really informative. I love your pin cushions! I keep on thinking that I'll have to order a custom pincushion sometime, I'm still saving selveges that I love though and once I'm done I'll order on your etsy site :)

Elena said... #

Great post, and even greater pincushion! I finally started saving my selvages and am beginning to have a few really pretty ones. This one is a great inspiration!

kbzelazny said... #

The pincushion is adorable! I love it! Thanks for the giveaway!

pinsandneedles said... #

Love your selvage clever. I am enjoying the Quilting 101 classes over at Chasing Cottons! Thanks for sharing.

Lara said... #

Love your post over at Chasing Cotton. I'm just a beginner quilter and have been learning sew much ;)

The Rx quilter said... #

Ok, so it is a little past noon I too late to win? Lisa in Texas

twelfthzodiac said... #

Great 'class' over on chasing cottons! I loved all the info, especially about thread. I have always used cotton thread, as it just made sense to me with cotton fabric & batting. My local shops only carry 100% cottons in white/off white. All the pretty colours are poly & I can't bring myself to try them. I can't understand why they don't beef up their cotton thread. It bothers me to no end!
(I did ask.. 'not a big enough market' was the generic response I got back) *sigh*

Regina said... #

The pincushion is inspired -and the post on threads, needles and pins was superb!

Anonymous said... #
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Anonymous said... #
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