Tuesday, October 4, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Let's start with some Farmer's Wife blocks. These four were posted on Farmer's Wife Friday, so you may have seen them before. If not, Carla and I would love to have you join us each week for Farmer's Wife Friday. We make identical blocks each week but with different fabrics--I'm using solids and Carla is making them in fun and cheery prints.
This past Friday we did #23 Country Farm, #60 Northern Lights, #80 Single Wedding Star, and #98 Waterwheel. We're up to forty so far:
This weekend I worked ahead on some blocks because there is still a more important WIP in our family and I want to have some free time available. I think our daughter-in-law Christa still looks beautiful but I know she is ready for this baby to join the rest of the family.
In the meantime, I started a new Outside Oslo project (fabric designed by Jessica Jones from How About Orange and available at Marmalade Fabrics) from this book:

It's a craft caddy. With dividers! And it was the perfect chance to use some fabric I have been hoarding for just the right project, this awesome "Knit One" fabric by Aunty Cookie.

Since I have nothing else going on in my life (cough, cough), I have already purchased some yarn considered knitting again. I think this will nicely hold some supplies.

The dividers were kind of tricky. So I'm making another one for my partner in crime, Deborah, who is anxious to start knitting socks. I have enough scraps to make a knitting needle wrap for each of us too. Next week.

Speaking of Carla, in the mail today I received my 3x6 mini sampler block. Isn't it a fun block? 

Carla and her husband recently took a road trip to Maine. She mentioned that they were going to Niagara Falls. My ears perked up. Aha! She could perhaps be persuaded to help with a future WIP--adding another t-shirt to my growing collection for a HRC t-shirt quilt, aka "the most expensive quilt ever."
Along with it, she also added some orange striped fabric that I will use on a Halloween project and a bookmark. Here is a close-up of the bookmark.
I'm becoming completely spoiled.

Warning:  if you happen to mention some kind of a trip, to a place that perhaps has a Hard Rock Cafe,  or you live in a locale that I will probably never be able to visit, don't be surprised if you get an email from me begging kindly asking you to be on the lookout for another addition to my collection. Maybe it's time to stop collecting and start sewing.

What has everyone else been up to this week? I'm off to find out.


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Elizabeth Dackson said... #

That bag is darling! Almost makes me want to learn to knit!!! Love that Aunty Cookie fabric, too, so adorable :) And yes, I know I owe you a HR tee-shirt - I forget, what size? It's on the other side of town, but I fully intend to get over there one of these days to get you one!

Lucy | Charm About You said... #

I've sent you an email!! ;)
Great blocks and lovely bag!

Melinda said... #

Love your organizer bag! I need to make one of those myself.

Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said... #

Love that craft caddy! that would make me want to start knitting too. :) I can't believe your DIL is still going. Poor woman, hope that baby comes soon!

Archie The Wonder Dog said... #

Love the knitting bag! Hope the baby arrives soon!

Terriaw said... #

You do have some nice friends to bring you gifts and make you goodies! Love seeing all your Farmers Wife blocks so far - what an amazing project! That crafters caddy is going to be so handy for holding a project and supplies.

randi--i have to say said... #

what a cute little bag! charming!

Rachel said... #

Congrats on keeping up with the Farmer's Wife. I have not.LOL. I am so far "behind" I am officially out of it.LOL. LOVE the tote, both the item and the fabrics. OK, I HAVE to ask...Who is the most expensive quilt in the world going to be for? How many shirts do you have so far? I have to add, my Sister In Law and I did a collaborative, long distance, effort (we live 1900 miles apart. We collected patches from different Fire Departments and Rescue Teams for my son's 16th Birthday quilt. It was fun and beautiful and he loves it. But it was not cheap.LOL.

M-R Charbonneau said... #

The bag is great! I love that fabric. And that block is so adorable.

Heather D. said... #

The mini sampler block is adorable. I love that layout. Also the farmer's wife blocks are lovely.

Deborah said... #

I LOVE your craft caddy! The combo of Outside Oslo and Aunty Cookie fabric is sublime. (I like that word!) Just think how lovely it will look sitting by the fireplace at Pane or spending an evening on a Starbuck's table!

Grandma G said... #

That "Knit One" fabric is pretty funny. :) I like the caddy! I'm glad it didn't do you in and that you're up for making another one. ;)

Rebecca Lynne said... #

Alright where to begin. First - now I know my question about the grandchild so you can scratch my email. Second - JUST SEND ME THAT BAG. Yup, thanks. I know your knitting supplies would look darling in it...but so would mine!!! :) Third - I am dying over the hard rock quilt. I had hard rock shirts from All Over the Globe because my dad traveled for business and collected them. Now I am racking my brain to figure out where they are. Did I give them away? If I find them - they are yours. Done.

Carla said... #

You tell me you are behind, but I think you are ahead! Wow! Love all of the projects that you do, Cindy. It is fun to know that I'm having a small part in some of them!! Keep it up, girl!!

Lydia said... #

Thos FWQA blocks are amazing. I love the look of them in the solids. Gorgeous bag to!!!

Letterpress said... #

Did some checking and where I'm going (Montreal and Quebec City) they have no HRC. Sorry.

Fun to see your list of WIPs. I wish that grandbaby would come soon--she looks so ready!

My grandkids arrived yesterday so I'll be mute on the blogs for a few days while I enjoy them. But I wanted to hit yours before that happened.

Elizabeth E.