Thursday, January 9, 2020

Really Random Thursday, 1/9/20

Mark and I have spent the last week on the central coast of California, the way we have started the new year for the past six years. I can hardly believe this was our sixth year! The first year we rented the house at Oceano Dunes, Ella had just turned 1 and Amelia was only 7 months old. We had to do a lot of barricading so they didn't fall down steps in the house, or fall off the deck.

Everyone was at the house by dinner time, everyone, that is, except for Jason. He couldn't make it this year. Don't feel totally sorry for him--he was in Hawaii, coaching a basketball tournament. We sure missed him.

The sunsets were gorgeous each night.

We always play a lot of games.

One funny conversation with Gabe: he was explaining some game rules to me. Remember, he is only 8.

Me: That's complicated.
Gabe: I'm a complicated man, Grandma. That's just how I roll.

This year, one of the fun games was Sushi Go!
Charlotte, Levi and Gabriel continued to work on their bargello ornaments. 

Gabe worked on a Tubby Wubby kit. (Ruby did as well, but I failed to get a picture of her...)

Most mornings, Mark and I hear a key in the door (we stay in a room above the garage), and up come the kids. I can tell Charlotte is getting older--she is a teenager now--she decided to sleep in. They get to have a little screen time before breakfast, including Gramps.
Ella and Amelia--getting so big! (Amelia likes to wear glasses sometimes--not that she needs to--she just likes the "coolness" factor.)
Every year for the past four years, Charlotte and I drive into Pismo one morning, go to a candy store that has one of those photo booths, and take our pictures.
Here is what we have so far, from 2017 through 2020.
There was a wave advisory this year--it was not safe to play in the water because of  large waves, riptides and undercurrents.

But there was plenty of sand.

The kids were allowed (with adult supervision) to get their feet wet.

Some deep thinking going on here...
On Friday, the Isaacs joined us. This is always such fun, because then all the kids have someone their own age to hang out with.

Fun times at dinner...

Homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast, courtesy of Charlotte and Grace.
Aaron took this beautiful picture.
One highlight for me was that a couple of weeks ago, Aaron had asked me to teach him to knit. On the last night, we finally had a chance. It was definitely one of the weekend highlights for me. I made sure he started with the "good" stuff--my favorite Madeline Tosh chunky DK yarn and some bamboo needles. He is a quick learner and seems to be enjoying it.

On Sunday morning, we ate breakfast, took Wiens/Brooks family pictures, and then everyone packed up and left for home. (You can't see it very well, but Jason FaceTimed right at the time we were taking our picture. Ruby is holding the phone so her dad can be included in the picture. Perfect.)

Charlotte, Levi and Gabe always add a little something in the guest book.
These few days are filled with such precious memories with family, and friends who feel like family.

Mark and I finished cleaning the house, and then headed over to Pismo Beach for three more nights.
We had forgotten a couple of baking pans at the house, so we headed back to retrieve them before the cleaners got there. The wind had been quite gusty, and by Monday morning, there was really no trace of all those feet that had been in the sand--just good memories.
We had a couple of days of relaxation--we both read a book from start to finish, walked on the beach, ate good food...this place always keeps a little piece of me and I can hardly wait to return.
It wouldn't seem like a true Really Random if I didn't end with something funny, right?!

Do you ever use that combination of punctuation marks? Did you know there is a name for it? Thanks to Mark, who found this in his random reading...
So now you know. 

You're welcome.


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Charlotte M. said... #

Looks like another wonderful vacation. I hope Aaron enjoys knitting. It's so calming. I don't knit, but crochet has the same effect for me.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

Seems like I just read your beach post from last year. A LOT has happened for you this past year. Wishing you the best of times with family and quilting in 2020 my friend.

French 75 said... #

It sounds like you had a fabulous family getaway. There's nothing like the beach and ocean to start the year off.

Val's Quilting Studio said... #

First gotta love Pismo Beach! Great family memories made! Thanks for sharing!

Val's Quilting Studio said... #

PS: That beach picture would have made a good addition to your wine gallery!

Jacqui's Quilts said... #

Gorgeous pictures! Sounds like a lovely time.

Deb Cox said... #

Thanks Cindy for such a lovely post. Best of the new year to your and yours.......cheers

Robby said... #

What a fabulous way to start the new year, right?! (I couldn't resist, and I'm going to have to show off this new knowledge soon.) And as I look out my frosty window, I'm just a wee bit jealous.

FlourishingPalms said... #

I am too envious of your family gathering, and the tradition of it. Making memories with family is so special. I know you know how blessed you are.