Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday--"new" sewing room edition


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Terriaw said... #

Your new sewing room is looking amazing! I love the design wall, and your big workstation area in the center. Of course, that hardwood floor rocks! Can I come over and play?

Grandma G said... #

Ahhhh.... what a feeling of accomplishment you must have! And do you LOVE it?

My word verification is "bless". So here's blessings to your "new" sewing room! :)

Baskets Of Quilts said... #

Boy am I jealous! I wish I had a studio half as nice!

chris baker said... #

so nice and tidy. looks great and so roomy. I think I may be in love with those wooden chairs with the baskets under them....

Kristina Strain said... #

Those fold-down seats are wonderful! What a great find! And I love the baskets underneath, it gives them a great rhythm.

Sweetfern Handmade

Anna @FreshDewDrops said... #

Love it! So nice and bright and spacious and organized.

Mary said... #

What an amazing space!

beth said... #

That changing table turned fabric holder caught my eye. ;) I changed diapers for many years and appreciate repurposing!!!

Kris said... #

Looks great! I love how the gray looks. Did you post what the name of the color is?

felicity said... #

Oh niiiiice! LOVE the old theatre seats. Actually, I love everything about this room. Can I come live with out?

Heather A said... #

I wish I could say I already had things made but I'm still in the "Planning Phase". It seems I'm ALWAYS in the planning phase. Help me move past the planning phase to the DOING PHASE! NEEEEEED pretty fabric!!

Carolyn said... #

Your sewing room is fabulous. I love the antiques and the quilts tucked everywhere. As I was looking at the pic with the trombone I noticed yor sewing box...I have the same one. When it was handed down to me it was painted ivory with a big flower...I stripped it down and it looks just like yours. I keep my cross stiching in mine.

Anonymous said... #

I found your room tonight via the "Where I Sew" mosaic. Your room looks great. I love a sewing room that does NOT have carpet. Those wooden chairs are a unique touch.

Thearica said... #

I am telling you... that quilt rack made from the band instrument is exciting and so fun!! and love those auditorium seats!!!