Monday, March 21, 2011


I love reading. I love quilting. I love Elizabeth's creativity at Don't Call Me Betsy.

Can you believe this mini quilt with a row of books?

I think the campaign is on to get her to write a tutorial. Do you see the selvages in there? Everybody with me on this one?

Speaking of books. And organizing (which I do love to do). You must watch this short video that Monica posted her blog, Quilt While You're Ahead (incidentally, one of my favorite blog names and favorite blogs). It's short. Watch it a couple of times. It's probably good I don't have this many books. I might be tempted...

The winner of the pincushion is Free Indeed, who said:

"I want to try the mugrug binding tute."

And if you guessed the selvage pillow is my favorite tutorial, well, I don't know what could have possibly been your clue.

I hope you enjoyed learning to know my "sister," Carla, as she celebrates her blogiversary. I can't wait to see what she does in the coming year!


  1. I confess to having way more books than that because I love to read and sometimes I will go back to the book again years later or my husband and I will both read the same thing. The book quilt is so cute and much more interesting than if it was of a Kindle!

  2. clever use of selvages for the bindings on those quilty books.

  3. The books are adorable! I was a lit major, so I have lots of books ;)

  4. Loved that video! Just in case you missed my blog- A must read-The Help. Janice

  5. SUPER fun video!!!! Thanks for posting it! I don't have this many books or this much time. How fun that someone does, though!

  6. I love reading and that quilt too! I'd join the campaign for her to write a tutorial :)
    That video made me smile, thanks!

  7. Wow, stumbled across your blog and it's amazing. Love, love, love the book mini quilt. Thanks for the smile and the inspiration.


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