Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WIP Wednesday #20

My Pop Beads quilt top is completed. I won't lie. I LOVE it. For all of you who are so "over" Flea Market Fancy, let me say this. I came late to the party, and I have paid a small king's ransom to be able to attend!

Here is what I need help with:

1. It's just a small thing really, but I used a couple of fabrics from the "freckles" line, which was said to be companion fabric for Flea Market Fancy, sort of like a first cousin (more on that later). In one corner I have used some turquoise "freckles" and then I got the green leaves in the mail. Would you take the time to switch them out?

2. I need suggestions on quilting. I'm thinking of doing big stitch around the inside and outside of each bead and around the brown connector diamonds, but if someone could give me thoughts on machine stitching, I would be open to that as well.

Have you ever thought of a particular designer's fabric lines having something in common with sibling birth-order characteristics? Probably not. Mark's eyes kind of glazed over when I mentioned writing a post about that.

But I think I will delve into that topic anyway. If you are interested in some Flea Market Fancy scraps (and I do mean scraps), come back tomorrow for a giveaway of these.

Along with something special I intend to do with these:

I also finished these two blocks for the do.Good Stitches Faith circle. (Stashbuster blocks from Material Obsession 2--very fun. I will make more of these!)

Head on over to Freshly Pieced and see what everyone else is working on.


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felicity said... #

Beautiful! FMF was before my "time" blogging so I have exactly 17 hexies someone gave me as an extra in a swap. I will say that the hand of the fabric, with its slight sheen, is gorgeous!

Now, onto your dilemmas. 1. if all other fabrics in the quilt are FMF, I would replace that one bit. 2. I like your quilting idea (to be done by hand?) - another option for machine stitching would be diagonals going through the top, bottom and middle of each bead.

GORGEOUS quilt top, by the way!

Crystal said... #

I'd replace it so you have all (or most? I can't tell...) of the prints in the quilt. You only have enough fabric to make this one quilt, right? Replace it or not...just make sure it's exactly what you want. :)

Your quilting idea sounds great! If I were machine quilting it, I'd probably do diagonals like felicity suggested. Or meander since that's my favorite and makes the quilt really, really crinkly (which I love!)

Linz said... #

Awesome Quilt!! And I love those blocks!! Great work!!

JHNickodemus said... #

So fantastic! Love it! Great design! I vote no on changing out fabric. What's done is done. And it's done! And it looks great!

Terriaw said... #

I can see why you love this quilt - it's fabulous! I came very late to the FMF party, so I just have a couple of scraps, which are fun little treasures.

1. I would probably leave that turquoise freckles in the corner since it's already pieced and such a small piece, and save the lovely green leaves for something else.
2. I like your idea for quilting this which would really make the fun shapes pop out.
3. No, never thought about the birth-order thing.

Happy to see all your productivity in the sewing room these days!

Elizabeth Dackson said... #

Gorgeous!!! I will definitely be back for that giveaway, FMF was before my time and I don't have a single scrap of it. I would love it! I love your quilt top, I love your idea for quilting it, it will really highlight the quilt blocks beautifully :)

Bree said... #

That pop beads quilt is so much fun!

@pril said... #

Very nice quilt top and the blocks are interesting!

Mary said... #

If you don't want to switch out that green....I know someone named Mary who would love it!!! Hahahaha! You bet I will be back tomorrow. Stashbuster is one of my favorites - like almost any quilt from the MO books!!! Love the pop beads quilt. We used to stick those beads to our faces!!! Fun memories!!! As for the quilting I would do the big stitches on the white - inside and out.

Jennifer said... #

I missed out on FMF too so I love your quilt top! Personally, I would leave the fabric as is and maybe mix in the other print when you make your quilt back.

I really like your quilting idea... I also like the idea of some straight line machine quilting that echos the shape of the "beads".

Jennifer :)

Ashley said... #

what a gorgeous quilt! of course you know how I love FMF, and I think this is a great quilt design to highlight those prints! wonderful!

Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said... #

I missed out on FMF too. I love your quilt, it's beautiful. I wouldn't bother switching out those fabrics, but I"m lazy like that. I think it looks great as is!
I'd also probably quilt on the diagonal, cause again, I'm lazy like that and I like doing straight simple lines.

free indeed said... #

I love that quilt! you did a great job! Personally, I wouldn't bother to change out the freckles...would it matter to anyone in posterity??? I think not. Look forward to seeing how you end up quilting it.

Kris said... #

Very nice!!!

Amy said... #

I love the quilt!if the piece at the bottom does not bother sleeping babies it does not bother me.

Debbie said... #

Your Pop Beads quilt is great!

Grandma G said... #

I love your Pop Beads!

'Deciding' about that little piece of fabric is probably taking a lot more time than swapping it out would. ;) How do YOU really want that quilt to be? Go for it! ;)

(It's been fun reading others' opinions, tho.) :)

Carla said... #

I Love, Love, Love this quilt! It is so happy. Everyone has given you good quilting ideas. I machine quilted mine with a spiral in each bead and then outlines around the outside of each one. Personally, that little bit of bead wouldn't bother me in the slightest and I'd save the lovely green for something else. But then, I'm sort of lazy!

DianeY said... #

I love it! I think I'd save the green for something else-the frecles fits well & is such a small block anyway!

Jen said... #

Love the quilt! Either way I think is fine. Personally, I wouldn't switch it out because I'm lazy like that! ;) And I really really love the blocks you made! That is a great pattern! As far as quilting goes, I'd just free motion meander it b/c it's easy and always looks nice. But I also know you aren't comfortable with that yet, so any straight line quilting going along with the quilt design would look nice. Good luck with whatever you decide, I'm sure it will look great!

randi said... #

oh wow! this one is great! can't wait to see it finished!

Lee said... #

OMG! I'm in LOVE with this quilt? Is this your design or did you use a pattern? Love it love it love it.

I missed out on FMF too. I have the pink and brown dots and that's it. I couldn't stomach the prices so I contented myself with KJR instead!

Thanks for linking up, have a great week.

Mrs Flying Blind... said... #

This is super! Don't shoot me if I try to copy! (You'd never recognise it, as I can imagine the major balls-up I'd make!).

Lynne (Lily's Quilts) said... #

Wonderful quilt and I wouldn't swap out the fabrics. I always love an all over stipple on geometric quilts but straight line quilting would be good too.

Sara @ Sew Sweetness said... #

Oh my gosh, what a beautiful quilt!! I love the fabrics and the design! Is it your own, or did you use a pattern? I never made it on the FMF train...wish I had, lol!