Wednesday, March 16, 2011

WIP Wednesday: I have commitment issues

I was married when I was 21. This June Mark and I will celebrate 38 years of marriage, and for me there is nothing better than being in a totally committed relationship with my best friend.

Why am I telling you this? Because I have this whole other side to me. The one that is apparently completely commitment-phobic. The side where I find a project that I LOVE and intend to stay committed to it from start to finish. But then someone starts another quilt-along. And I move from Door Number 1 to Door Number 2 without a second of hesitation.

These are all in various stages of completion:

That Girl, That Quilt:

Jennifer's pattern will be so cute in Sherbet Pips along with these other fabrics. I can visualize it all now.

Birdie Stitches:

Corey's embroidery is adorable. So instead of making one quilt, I'm planning on making two. There is actually some nice progress on this one. All my blocks are sewn for the entire year, so I'm way ahead on this one. Except the embroidery is only completed on one block.
Bloggers' Block-a-Palooza:

I was so excited about the Sunkissed line of fabric and bought the entire fat quarter stack. It should be easy peasy to sew two blocks each week. It should be easy. Right? Wait a minute. Why is it still a fat quarter stack with the Moda twill ribbon wrapped around it? Good thing I'm at least keeping up with printing out all the block instructions. That counts, doesn't it?
Sliced Coins:

Elizabeth's quilt design will be perfect for one of my friends. Now I just have to pick out some other fabrics and it will go together nicely.

Single Girl:

Are you already tired of hearing about Single Girl? I have cut out nine of my twelve circles. I haven't started sewing them together yet. When the latest installment went online yesterday, it started like this: "So, your Single Girl is all basted and ready to quilt. Yay!" I'm feeling like a total slacker on this one.


Lee is finally starting  Supernova. Isn't that a great name? And the quilt block is phenomenal. There are so many fabrics that would work, but I think her original in Hope Valley completely rocks. I stocked up and I'm ready to go.

Bottled Rainbows:

Rachel, I have an excuse: I'm still waiting for my Kona cotton. Really. Because if I had my Kona cotton, I'd be completely finished with my blocks already. I'm sure of it...

Lily's Quilts:

Oh so tempting. I'm going to print out the instructions and put it on the back burner for a while because I think it will be a great project this summer when we're managing the rental cabins.

But some major progress was made during the week. The quilting on Discontinuity is completely done (all horizontal rows) and I love it. It just needs the binding.

So now you know my secret. I need an accountability group, which is why I'm posting this confession on WIP Wednesday.

These are all amazing quilt-alongs designed by wonderful quilt artists. I want to start, and then complete, them all!! It really bugs me that I get so easily distracted.

Please tell me that I'm not the only one with commitment issues. Do I need therapy? Anyone want to join me? Maybe we could put our heads together and design another quilt-along...I promise to stay committed.


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Nancy said... #

OMG...I couldn't get past the "commitment"... I have been married for 39 (40 this year!) years...
So while I am looking over your WIP list I am thinking...what if we did that with men? I could have one that started renovating that house we are working on..One doing the shopping and cleaning...One for cooking...and I could go back and forth between them..keeping them on track and "satisfying" them as needed...
Sorry...that's just where my crazy mind went...

Terriaw said... #

I thought I had commitment issues when it came to sewing projects, but dang, you have a lot lined up here! Of course, I adore every single one. There's so much inspiration out there; it's hard to keep up. Remember to enjoy the process with each one of these!

Needled Mom said... #

There are so many wonderful quilt alongs out there so I can certainly understand your commitment problem. lol

Kris said... #

LOL!! I have been married for 32 years, and I too shy from the "C" word!!! It's all good. We are in good company, me thinks!
Just made our plans to go up to our Bass Lake this August. We go the first week in August, and have been camping at Wishon in our motorhome for the past few years. This year, our oldest and her family got a motorhome, and will be taking it on their maiden voyage. All three kids and their significant others, and kids are all coming!!!! I will give you shout hello as I pass through Fresno!!

Lee said... #

LOL, I totally know the feeling. There's just so many cute projects, so little time! I did exactly one Blockapalooza block and haven't touched that one since!

Glad you're joining up with my quilt-along, feel free to take your time on it. : )

Crystal said... #

I have exactly this problem! I'm so inspired by so many quilts that I'll never have time to make...but I start them anyway and then I stop making them halfway through. And then I work on something else I know I'll never finish!

In order to stop this, I started my Modern Sampler quilt.

Every time I see a quilt I really want to make, I put the idea into the sampler book and wait and see. Usually I give up before even making a block but sometimes I make a block and then give up. But that's kind of the point, because the quilt takes only one of each block.

And if I find a block I still super like after making my "test" block, I can make a whole quilt.

I should have done this with my scrappy blocks:

because I'm not sure I'm going to make more. But now I don't have enough to make anything! I have to remember my Sampler Plan next time.

Staci said... #

Oh you are singing to the choir on this one. I, too, have quilting commitment issues. All these new quilt alongs are NOT HELPING! There are 3 that are just starting that I desperately want to do. Keep telling myself NO, in a stern voice, but then I find myself in the stash closet looking for fabrics that would work. . . We are not even going to discuss the UFO's or WIP's, or the kits for things that have never been touched. . . .
Yes, commitment issues. Maybe I need to be COMMITTED?

Anonymous said... #

I too have a similar problem. It isn't the quilt alongs that get me though, it is just ideas that I start and don't finish. I'd like to think I just run out of time. At the moment I'm trying to develop a strategy so that I can start new things and finish old things at the same time. Right now it consists of forcing myself to put a certain amount of time in on old projects before I start anything new. Also, I LOVE Crystal's solution!

Grandma G said... #

I chuckled all the way through this post, with the giggles growing bigger as I read. Then I read Nancy's comment and totally cracked up! I love her idea! LOL

Boy, am I glad I'm not a quilter. Then again there's my list of intentions.... ;)

Maybe you should hook up with a photography group instead (or in addition)??? ;)

Almost 41 years here... and too many intentions to count....

Jennifer said... #

It's so hard being creative sometimes isn't it?? I try really hard to not commit to a new project without completing an old one. Sometimes that works... sometimes it doesn't... ;)

Jennifer :)

Bree said... #

Congrats on (almost) 38 years! That's wonderful.

There are SO many great quilt alongs going right now, it really is hard to choose what to work on & I want to do them all!

felicity said... #

Oh my goodness I TOTALLY get you. You're not alone!!

Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said... #

hee hee, you totally crack me up with this post. First off, congrats on 38 years, that's amazing! And - wow, you haven't missed a quilt along have you? I think that's less about commitment phobia, and more about not being able to say no! That's definitely a problem I have too. It's hard when there are so many beautiful quilt alongs going on. Good luck catching up!

Elizabeth Dackson said... #

Oh, you're too funny - we are two of a kind when it comes to sewing commitments! And I'm right there with you on Bottled Rainbows, I just know if I had my fabrics I'd be on top of things...right? :)

Carla said... #

Okay, one more reason that I know we are really related...we have the same QADD gene! Let's start a Sisterhood of the UFO Club, shall we? Oh, and I'm getting ready to celebrate 38 years of marriage to my best friend on March 31! (I've been contemplating starting the QAL with Lilly as well as the Hope Valley one.....your post is sending me over the edge, Cindy. Stop it!

Kimberly White said... #

This is exactly the place to make such a confession ;) I think most of us quilters have such an issue! I'm impressed that you have joined all those wonderful quilt alongs - I am TRYING to staying true to my rule of one at a time (okay, so not exactly true - I'm working on two big and one little sampler) Happy WIP wednesday!

Jen said... #

No, you aren't the only one! I have several quilt alongs started too and I finally just have to stop. I can't even look at new ones b/c I'll want to do them and I need to be realistic! If I can't finish my 3 or 4 I have going on now, then I have no business starting more! Good luck on all of yours! I'll live vicariously through you on some of them! Don't worry, you'll get to them all, eventually! ;)

Marit said... #

You have a lot of great quilts brewing, nothing wrong with that! There's so many tempting quilt-alongs, so much fun and creativity shared. So much to learn. Have fun with it all!
; )

Anonymous said... #

Ok. I said id get here, i know im behind.

Maybe you LOVE your quilts more than youre commited to them???


(i got it in there this time)