Thursday, September 14, 2023

Quilt 240: Embroidery Flower

 In 2021 or 2022, Tilda Fabrics released a free pattern called Embroidery Flower. It mimicked the look of beautiful old-fashioned needlepoint. This is what the website says: 

This lovely quilt is quite unusual and is reminiscent of floral needlepoint embroideries, recreated here using a subtle mixture of solid fabrics on a dark peacock background. The design is made up of just squares in a single size, so there’s lots of easy cutting and sewing, although for the best result you do have to match up seams neatly when sewing the patches together.

There are 46 different colors in the quilt. Could I have made it with my own stash? Of course. Did I want to try pulling out all those colors and make sure they were just right? Not a chance. Also, I had not worked with Tilda solids before. I have sewed with solids from nearly every fabric manufacturer and had been wanting to try Tilda, so that was my justification. I can say that I look forward to working with Tilda fabrics again.

I think "easy" is an interesting choice to describe this quilt. It takes a lot of organization. We happened to have a lot of divided containers that we had never used before, and they were perfect for this project! I also ordered the numbered color dividers for a couple of dollars, very helpful.

Each square is cut at 2", finishing at 1.5"! Lots of trimming. Of note, there are 2,268 pieces in this quilt!

I had read several different methods of making this quilt, but ended up going with the pattern instructions. It is divided into nine different units, 14 squares across and 17 squares down. I put numbered post-it notes on my design wall, then added the squares in each horizontal line. 

Then I sewed each horizontal row together, and pressed each row in opposing directions so rows would nest together. Then repeated the process eight more times.

This was by far my favorite block, as it incorporated so many beautiful colors!

I had Darby do a simple loopy quilting design.

When it was time to photograph the quilt, a nursery seemed the logical choice. We headed to one of our favorites, Gazebo Gardens.

I always knew from the very beginning that this was going to be donated to MCC for the quilt auction. 
What I did not anticipate was that it would be one of the few quilts hung in the front.

I also did not anticipate that it would bring the highest amount of the day, $5,500!

This quilt was such a joy to make. Tilda Fabrics has released a second embroidery quilt design. Yes, I printed out the pattern and yes I ordered the kit. I just need a little more time before I'm ready for such an intense sewing session again.

Quilt Name: Embroidery Flower
Designed by: Tilda Fabrics
Made by: Cindy Wiens
Quilted by: Darby Myers
Size: 63" x 81"
Completed: 2023
Sold at MCC charity auction: $5,500


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French 75 said... #

I absolutely love how you organized your pieces. It's fun to see your progress too. Your quilt is beautiful and I bet it's somewhere being loved.

Anonymous said... #

Every time I see one made it gives me ptsd…. Cutting and kitting those 360 kits was a nightmare. Your quilt is gorgeous!

Anonymous said... #

Oops that was me Julie 😀

FlourishingPalms said... #

OMGosh! That's absolutely incredible! $5,500! You are THE STAR of the show. Excellent work, Cindy! And I love your quilt-in-the-wild photography. The greenhouse shots are perfect. Will you please come to Central Florida to help me scout places to take pictures of my quilts? :-) Because I have no quilting assistant, the best I can do is solo design wall pictures. Love seeing your little container for organization too. The scraps are fantastic! I can think of a couple things they'd be good for. Anyway... I'm so, so happy for you and the monies you raised. Congratulations!

Shelly said... #

So beautiful! And what a great amount it brought for the auction! I'm excited to see your next one.