Friday, September 29, 2023

Sewing Room Friday, 9/29/23

 Here it is, the last Friday of September. 

I had to wait awhile to show this pillow, as it was a gift for Charlotte's birthday. I used a great pattern by Alissa Haight Carlton. I wanted to match the forest green of the cushion cover I sewed for her reading loft. 

I had this really great fabric that looks like old library cards, and as she is an avid reader, it was perfect for the back.

This is a 24" pillow, and really squishy. I like this pattern so much, and we already have a pillow this size in need of a new cover. So as soon as I can decide on colors, I'm going to make one for our family room.

While Meadowland is a quilt pattern that has been extremely popular, I have never made it. I had a stack of this (really old) "quilter's linen" by Robert Kaufman that I have incorporated here and there. I decided to make a fall version of Meadowland, and ordered some gold Painter's Palette fabric (my favorite solid fabric, when I'm not sewing with Oakshott) in "turmeric." 

The gold is pretty intense, but I'm happy with it. And the visual texture of the fabric makes me so happy.
I decided it needs to be just a bit larger so I ordered this stripe by Fableism. I think it will tone down the gold a bit, while coordinating nicely with the rest of the fabrics.
If you have read this blog for any length of time, or follow me on Instagram, you know that I love Oakshott fabrics. But I was still so surprised when I opened up an email newsletter from Oakshott and saw that my quilt, Jettstream, was in the header, and also part of the newsletter advertising their Jett range of fabrics! 

They posted this on Instagram, and I know for sure I will be ordering some of this newest color, Huckleberry.

I finished two projects this week.

First is a crocheted afghan for Gabe. He chose blues, and I chose the Cosy Stripe pattern by Attic 24. It turned out great.

Next, a quick knitted scarf using the yarn I bought in Alaska, hand dyed by Alaskan Yarn Company.
Now I need a new project to keep my hands occupied in the evenings. :)


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Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said... #

Ooooh, the Fabelism stripe fabric is going to be a lovely addition to your meadowland quilt top. Congratulations on having your quilt featured and shared by Oakshott fabrics. All of a sudden it's feeling like scarf weather; our high is only 56 degrees today!

Rochelle aka Bella Quilts said... #

That pillow looks so comfy. I am sure Charlotte will enjoy it. And the photos of your new quilt are so nice. That gold really is bright but the new fabric will certainly frame it nicely. And how wonderful to be highlighted by Oakshott Fabrics. Your quilt just shimmers in the light. I can see why you love the fabric. Does it ravel much?

FlourishingPalms said... #

I really like your newest quilt, Meadowland. That Tumeric Painter's Palette along with the other colors in the quilt are a smashing combination! Interesting about having a "really old" linen. It seems you were fabric-hip before the rest of us! :-) I like putting linen in quilts, and especially in small bags. Like you, I like having handwork. With your grandson's crocheted afghan done, you'll want something else. I'd suggest visiting my friend Val's blog, where in her latest post she shares what she's making with leftover yarns. See ValLairdDesigns. Yay you for receiving recognition for the Oakshot Cotton quilt you made. It is, indeed, beautiful, so I understand why Oakshot promoted it. Where do you get your Oakshot fabrics?

Crew at Cabin Central said... #

I LOVE the pillow you made for Charlotte. So cute. What fabric did you use for the background? It sort of looks like some of the Oakshott? What color? I went onto the Oakshott website and saw all of your quilts. Congratulations! It looks like if someone wanted to order a meter (yard) or more that you have to order directly from them. I could only find curated bundles from their online partners. I want to make chair covers and am inspired by the pillow design and that background fabric that looks like upholstery fabric. As always, thank you for sharing on your blog!!

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

I've never made a Meadowland quilt either but have admired many of them on IG. Yours has a lovey fall feel and texture. Congrats with the feature at Oakshott. I love the richness of the color palette you used for your quilt.