Thursday, September 21, 2023

Really Random Thursday, 9/21/23

 It's been quiet around here. Two weeks ago was "donuts with grandparents" at school. Gabe was sick that day :(

My favorite time of year...
Starbucks has opened a new location close to our house so a couple of times a week I walk there. One of the employees drew this as part of a contest. It's really beautiful!
Janice and I went to dinner last week. Shortly before I left the house I decided to sew her a vinyl zipper pouch. I ran out of time to complete it, so I took it along and turned it right side out while waiting for our dinner. I need to do a better job with time management.

We had a little mini celebration of a great medical report.
Saturday morning a little before 7 a.m., there was a huge BANG. Mark was already in the kitchen and he saw a bright blue flash. The next thing we heard was the sound of crows screeching loudly. We went outside and across the street, we noticed a crow who was apparently electrocuted on the transformer, shutting down electricity to the neighborhood. Those crows circled and circled, about 30 of them, for the longest time. PGE (our service provider) came shortly after the call, knocked the crow down, and drove off. The whole thing was so weird. 
It is water polo season, and water polo has turned out to be one of my favorite spectator sports. Levi plays goalie on his high school varsity team (photo by Ron Bryan).
See what I mean? Quiet week...


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Amy said... #

Your post struck chords with me when I read it. I managed the men's water polo team at my university. We went to NCAA finals all 4 years I was there as the token East Coast team. I got to travel to California with the team. It was so much fun, but also a lot of work! I love it when you post pictures of Levi tending goal. The other chord was the crows. I took a class on them. Do you know that they hang out in family groups? The children help raise their siblings. They are known to mourn their dead. Such a tragedy for that family. Thanks for sharing.

Rochelle aka Bella Quilts said... #

Oh yes, the "ber" time of the month...It comes and then it's gone in the blink of an eye. That pumpkin poster was beautiful. I'm sorry for the dead crow. I've missed them here this year. Our summer was cooler than usual and not so many birds around this year. Even the pigeon population was down. Happy for whatever good news you were celebrating. The dessert looked yummy. Levi is growing up so fast. Not long and he'll be off to college.

FlourishingPalms said... #

Hmmm. I don't think I'd call that a quiet week. You sure had some interesting activities going on, especially with grandchildren to see and cheer-on. Wow - about the crow-fry! I recall that happening in our Iowa neighborhood, but it was a squirrel-fry. Both sure cause a big sound though! I love the vinyl bags I've been seeing you make. One of these days I'm gonna finally settle on which vinyl to order, so I can make some too. In the meantime, a friend was in Wisconsin during the quilt show where Sew Hungry Hippie had a vendor booth. When my friend returns home, she's bringing me some striped zippers and leather straps that I asked her to pick up for me. Fun bag-making time ahead!