Friday, September 8, 2023

Sewing Room Friday, 9/8/23

 Small things have been happening in the sewing room lately, although I think I'm finally getting in the mood to work on a quilt top again. I pulled some fun fabric combinations and made some zipper pouches. I love that zippers and which way the lining goes is no longer a mystery to me. Also, the cute floral/aqua pouch is actually made of vinyl--no lining--so you can make it super fast. 

Last summer, the grandkids did an art project using cyanotype fabric, which changes color when exposed to sun. They had so much fun placing different items on the fabric and then watching it turn a really pretty dark blue. Then the fabric sat on a shelf in my sewing room for an entire year before I decided I should make them each a zipper pouch.

L to R: Charlotte, Ella, Gabe

And the back of each one:
I lined them with my favorite Tula Pink fabric, which has jellyfish.

I love Ella's hand prints on her pouch.
Ruby and Amelia's pouches.

I follow @loganlisle on Instagram. His jokes (if you like #dadjokes) make me laugh every day.

Charlotte's good friend, Grace, loves cats. I had this very cute cat fabric so I made her a tote using Poppyprint's tote tute. I have a few more in the works.

I have a few more zipper pouches ready to sew. It's nice, and satisfying, to have a project that doesn't take too long--something that can actually be finished in an afternoon. Now what to do with them...

Lastly, I worked on a project much larger than I am used to. Charlotte has turned her closet into a reading nook. Last week we went shopping for fabric and foam to make a cushion, 8 feet by 2 feet by 2 inches. I somehow managed to get it completed, although I have made her promise not to look at the ends of the cushion. And I made myself a promise--no matter how much I love you, I won't be making one of these again...But she is happy with it and that makes me happy.


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Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said... #

Cushions are absolutely tricky to do - that foam is so hard to manipulate into the pouch and then keeping the ends tidy for the final sew up... good job for getting that large cushion completed! And the cyanotype fabric is fantastic; I hope that everyone enjoys getting to use their pouch with their art on the sides.

Anonymous said... #

Everything you make is so precise, clean and exquisite!

Rochelle aka Bella Quilts said... #

How interesting to see the pouches made with the cyanotype fabric. Had an interesting conversation with my 15 year old grandson on Thursday. He is taking photography this year and they were making cyanotype paper in class. He was surprised that I was familiar with it in fabric. Those bags turned out so nice I am sure each recipient will be thrilled to have them.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

What great zip pouches. Where do you get those wonderful vinyl prints? I never motivate for small projects because I don't like to follow a pattern but it's such a good way to make useful things and use up fabric stash. I should rethink my attitude and try more small things.